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About this site

What can you expect to find on the Crawfurd Homepage (Crawfurd.dk), and what is it all about? Read this page.

The CRAWFURD homepage is the personal website of photographer and multimediaproducer Jacob Crawfurd. Crawfurd.dk is a multipurpose site... I present myself and my work, but I have mixed it with loads of photos and various useful information picked up here and there. I hope the site can bring a little inspiration and attention to some of the subjects that have my interest - first of all my passion for African culture and history. All photographs are my own, unless otherwise stated. The site is frequently updated, but I also have work and a "offline-life" to take care of.

The content on this page reflects my interests -and the opinions and views are also mine (unless otherwise stated). It's easy for me to get carried away when I am writing about certain subjects. I don't want to offend anyone, so please forgive me, if I go over the limit. On the other hand I: I am aware of how lucky I am to live in a country that still has freedom of speech and opinion. I want to use it!

I work as an independent new media producer. The Crawfurd Homepage partly functions as my "playground" for developing new ideas. I hope it is possible for you to find exactly what you came here looking for. Use the menu in the top of the page, the site map and the search page. Visit my business website www.crawfurd.com for more info on commisioned webdesign and photography.

Please mail me from the contact page if you find something on this site that is wrong, violates copyright laws or should be removed for any other reason. I am also interested in any technical errors you might experience. I realise that the text on these pages has several spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. They are corrected when I find them, but pleasde bear with me. I can only spare a certain amount of time to keep the site up-to-date and prefer using it to add new material.

Site history

The site has been online since 1996, but it was completely redesigned (version 3) late 2001. At the same time most content was re-edited. I will continue to develop specially the Photo and Africa sections on the site. The Crawfurd Homepage currently has roughly 2.500 visitors every day.




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