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Photo report: Miss Africa Denmark 2006

77 photos from the first Miss Africa competition in Denmark (May 20, 2006). Click on the photos to view full-size slideshow with the images.

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Backstage. Brenda, Francine, Astrida, Karin, Romilda and Parisse. Rwanda Ballet Dancers. Pet & Kojo. Peter from the rap duo Pet & Kojo. Uzual Suspects. Hiphop-trio. kamal Qureshi. Member of Parliament (SF) and spokesperson for Cross-Over/the AIDS-foundation. Who will be Miss Africa DK 2006?. Teddy. Malulu. Romilda. Astrida. Brenda. Mossa Diallo. Dawda Jobarteh. Moussa Diallo Trio Ayi Solomon. Moussa Diallo Trio Moussa Diallo. Mary. Annet. Eva. Christine. Bernadette. Francine. Romilda. . Parisse. Teddy. Shushu. . Eva. Mary. Christine. Annet. Karin. Francine. Burundi Dancers. Burundi Dancers. Burundi Dancers. Burundi Dancers. Brenda. Astrida and host Al Agami. Malulu. Parisse. Teddy. Shushu. Singer Maria Thandie. . . . .

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Miss Africa Denmark 2006

On May 20th 2006 one of Copenhagen's most popular venues, turned the spotlights to the first ever Miss Africa event held in Denmark. After a month-long pre-selection, the organisers had decided on 14 stunning African girls. But not only are the girls great looking, they were also chosen from their ambitions, personality and their interest in promoting a good image of Africa and Africans in Europe.

The sold-out show became a true cultural event with participation of many Africans and Danes. The girls chosen, were from 9 different countries on the continent. They all master the Danish language and they all have plans for themselves as well as for the African continent. The standard European beauty values were not used in selection the participants. It was important for the jury also to have the traditional African shapes represented.

Host of the evening was the popular rap-musician Al Agami, and on stage he presented a number of Danish and African performers including Moussa Diallo, Niels HP, Maria Thandie and more. Karim Design sponsored galla dresses for the participants and Kenyan designer Georgina Nabwire Nzeyimana had created faboulous traditional inspired clothes. Everybody on the project worked for free and the entire profit from the evening was donated to the Danish AIDS-Foundation and Doctors Without Borders.

The main idea of it all was to find a good and eloquent representative for the whole African community in Denmark. All efforts were made to put integration and Africa in a new light. The Miss'es had all chosen an African related subject to present for the audience.

"We have an international market where the rich economies protect their markets and even give financial support to their own export of raw materials...”

Bio-tech student Romilda Wangari (Kenya) gave an incendiary speech about the economic problems in Africa and she was rewarded with the title as the first ever “Miss Africa Denmark”. The jury selected Mary and Teddy (both from Uganda) as first and second runner-up.

Thansk to everybody who participated and showed up. Hopefully even more people will particiapte and support the event next time.


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