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Holland Photo gallery - 65 photos

Images from cities in the Netherlands (Holland). Visit Amsterdam, the Hague (Den Haag), Delft, Leiden, Enkhuizen and Hoorn. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge pictures and browse through a captioned slideshow. The pictures are from October 2003.

Schiphol. Airport, Amsterdam. Centraal Station. Amsterdam. Amsterdam. NEMO museum. National Center for Science and Technology. Amsterdam. How much is that doggy in the window?. Amsterdam. Bridge and buildings. Amsterdam Old baby carriage. Houseboat in Amsterdam. Tulips. Amsterdam. Anne Frank (1929-1945). Memorial, Amsterdam. Begijnhof. Small garden surrounded by houses. Amsterdam. Souvenirs. Amsterdam. Nightlife. Amsterdam. Town scenery. Delft. Rooftops.. Delft. Bridge and bicycle. Delft. Delft. Delft. Town Hall. Delft. Street. Enkhuizen. Bridge. The harbour of Enkhuizen. Detail from bridge. Enkhuizen. Detail from bridge. Enkhuizen. Figurehead on house. Harbour of Enkhuizen. Modern Hague. Buildings in the Hague. Big clock. Central Station in the Hague. Modern architecture. The Hague. Tramway and houses. The Hague. City centre. Tramway and the shoppingcenter "Snoeptrommel" in the Hague. Mixed buildings. Modern buildings in central Hague behind Binnenhof with the dutch parliament. City Hall. The Hague. Street scene. The Hague. Haagse Markt. Large outdoor market in the Hague. Making way. Demolition of houses in the central Hague. Wassenaar. Forest area just north of the Hague. Scheveningen. View to the city of Hague. Scheveningen. The beach and pier at Scheveningen. The Hague. Bicycle. Waste at the North Sea beach of Scheveningen, the Hague. Pier. The Scheveningen beach (the Hague) is a seaside tourist resort. Here photographed in the late autumn. Seagulls. Scheveningen beach. The Hague. Beach waste. Shells and electronic waste at Scheveningen beach. The Hague. Sandy beach. Scheveningen. The Hague German bunker from WW2. Bunkers from the wartime is found all along the North sea coast. Here at Scheveningen just outside the Hague. Kurhaus Hotel. A the beach in Scheveningen, the Hague. Prison. UN detention unit at Scheveningen, outside The Hague. This is where the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic lived his last years of his life. Street. The Hague. Hoorn oude Raadhuis. Old town hall in Hoorn. Warehouse. From the time of Dutch colonialism. Hoorn. Harbour. Hoorn. Harbour scene. Hoorn. Ships. Harbour in Hoorn. House by the channel. Hoorn. St. Pancras. Gothic church in the city of Leiden. St. Pancras. Leiden. Houses. Leiden. Street. Leiden. Autoservice. Garage in Leiden. Under the bridge. Leiden. Lamp pole. Leiden. Hoge Spanning. Leiden. Botanical Garden. Leiden. Houses. Leiden. Red sports car. Street in Leiden. Detail from boat. Leiden. House entrance. Leiden. Pink facade. House in Leiden.



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