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Ghana Photo gallery - 108 photos

Images from Ghana in West Africa. Click the thumbnails below to enlarge pictures and browse through a captioned slideshow. The pictures are captured during a relative short visit to Ghana (2005) and I only managed to see a fraction of what the country has to offer. The images are not an attempt to give a full portrait of the country and it's people, but I hope you will enjoy the tour as I surely did. Many thanks to friends and helpful people in Ghana.

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3 boys. One of the boys wears a t-shirt from the Volta Aluminium Corporation. The American owned Valco got a favourable agreement with the Nkrumah government allowing them to consume almost half of the power coming from the Akosombo Dam. Commercial living. A house in Damongo (the Northern region of Ghana) decorated with advertises for toothpaste and soap. Damongo. Young man in Damongo. Mosque. Street in Damongo. Market in Damongo. Market day in Damongo. Selling dried Cassava paste. Cheers. Pouring freshly made Pito into a drinking calabash. Damongo Market. Damongo market. Saturday is the weekly market day in Damongo village. Northern region of Ghana. Woman in Damongo. Sewing service. Tailor at the market in Damongo. Damongo. Going to the market Mosque in Larabanga. Village elders coming out from the mosque. The mosque in the village of Larabanga (Northern Ghana) was constructed around 1421. It is the oldest mosque in Ghana and one of the oldest in West Africa, build in a style similar to the Grand Mosque in Djenne (Mali). Larabanga Mosque. Main entrance to the mosque. Larabanga Mosque. Women's entrance and the impressive Baobab tree. Mole National Park. Mole is the largest National Park in Ghana. It is open for visits and animal watching all year round. There is more than 5,000 sq km to explore and a beautifully situated hotel offering a stunning view. Walking the elephant. Small girl close to an old and peaceful elephant in a workers village in the Mole National Park. The park situated in the North is the largest in Ghana with its 5198 sq km. Elephant. Mole National Park. Three Chiefs. Three chiefs from different districts in the Northern region of Ghana. Damongo Boys. Two boys waiting on a cart in the Northern village of Damongo. Girl. Vote for the assembly election. Election poster in "Fong Electoral Area, Tamale". The Mosque in Tamale. Tamale is the capital of the northen region of Ghana. The population in the north is mainly muslim. Many bicycles and motorcycles are seen in and around Tamale in contrary to traffic scenery in Accra. Tamale has a population of approx 305,000 (2005). "Decency Bar". Tamale, Ghana. Showering in style. A refreshing open-air shower - "the African way". Water wagon in Accra suburb. Most houses has running water, but in this place water is delivered two times a week. Shop. Boy. Road construction in Accra. Improving infrastructure is highly needed and construction works are going on many places in the capital. Meanwhile it takes quite a while to get around in the Ghanaian capital. De-Meg Ventures. Desmond in front of his shop. De-Meg Ventures offers secretary assistance and computer service. Tailoring in Accra. The owner of Kasmat Fashions creating new designs with her "Butterfly" sewing machine. Last school day. Last day in the kindergarden/pre-school. The text on the wall says: "Mum and Dad have you hugged your child today". School performance. Kids perform for their parents and teachers on the last day in the pre-school Jig Montessori. Kids singing and dancing. Jig Montessori school in Teshie. School life. Kids from the Jig Montessori School in Teshie (Accra) graduates from pre-school to prepare them and their parents for the years of studies that lies ahead. The class of 2005 says goodbey in a ceremony with speeches, diplomas, singing  and dancing. Accra Cemetery. The huge cemetery in Accra is divided in sections for Muslims and Christians but there will surely be a place for us all ;-) Most graves are made of concrete, but this man has his own small monument much like in a french catholic cemetary. A cemetary is not the most obvious place for a tourist to go in Africa by the way. A day on the beach. Taken for a ride. Labadi Beach in Accra is a lively place in weekends and offers horse riding and plenty of restaurants. Sylvia. Chatting with the neighbours in Teshie. Washing line in Teshie, Accra. Barbershop blues. Customers are plenty in a popular barbershop in Teshie. Bananas. Girl selling bananas. Everything is carried on the head. Akosombo Dam. Lake Volta is the largest artificial lake in the world. The Akosombo Dam delivers important power to Ghana and neighbouring countries even thoughmost is consumed bu the American company Valco, which got a very favourable contract at the time of construction. The house seen on the hilltop was the favourite residence of president Kwame Nkrumah. Mother and child. Babies are carried on the back. Always calm and close to the mother or a bigger sister. Street vendors. Traffic jams in Accra are good for the many street sellers offering everything from water and meat pies to chewing gum and toilet paper. Petrol and gas. Motor park. Kasoa. Girl. Dining at home. Accra Boy with cars. Northern Region Fresh fish. Transistor radio. Kasoa. Dreaming. Cape Coast.

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