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African portraits: Emilie

14 photos of Emilie from Cameroon. Read about Emilie below and click on the photos to view full-size slideshow with the images. Emilie appeared as "Face of the month" in Coloured Pictures Magazine issue 04-19. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

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African Women - Profile: Emilie

Emilie was born 1984 in Cameroon. She grew up living with her family in the capital of Yaoundé, but only eight years old Emilie lost her father. “It was a big loss in my life and I really miss him a lot,” she says. But she knows that the early loss might also have made her stronger ...made her mature a bit faster than normal.

Six years ago she moved to Denmark and also has three younger brothers here. It was a new life and new challenges, but Emilie was up to it. Her interests are within commerce and she is now studying on her last year at the business college. In autumn she will likely continue studies on the university. Emilie is ambitious and feels responsible to grab the chances she has got in life: “I always felt that education is important. And you have to take it serious. Especially when you, like me here in Europe, has so many chances compared to a lot of children in Africa. I am happy, but I also know my life could have been different.”

Emilie loves reading and grabs every book or newspaper she sees. It is probably the same natural curiosity making her want to travel. Emilie enjoys meeting people and learning about other cultures. This is no doubt a good attitude to have, when you want to live and do business in a modern globalised world.

Emilie has not forgotten Africa, and one of her biggest dreams is to open a children's home in Africa. She would like it to be a way for many kids to live in safe surroundings and share the same opportunities she has herself. “We all need to go to school, have proper meals and a good place to live. In a children's home I would like to pass on the love that I have received,” she explains.

Reflecting on all these dreams and ambitions for herself and for others, Emilie sums it up: “It is simple, really. You have to be thankful for what you have got and live every day like it was the last. You never know what will happen tomorrow.”


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