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Dolly - African profile and Model photos

19 photos of Dolly from Nigeria. Dolly is available for professional model work in Denmark. Dolly's pictures and story featured as "Face of the month" in Coloured Pictures magazine, issue 02-10, 2004.Click on the photos to view full-size slideshow with the images and read her story below.

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African profiles: Dolly

Dolly Akinde is born in Nigeria, but left the country when she was 7 years old, to live first in Malaysia and later in Denmark where she is now with her father and siblings.

After many years away from Nigeria she recently returned for a vacation. “That was a great experience for me, because it was like being there for the first time. I couldn’t recognise anything, since I was so young when I left. This made the experience even more priceless,” she tells. For Dolly the meeting with Nigeria became an eye-opener, making her realise a lot of thins about her self and the relatively privileged she is living now: “I saw how minimal what I have considered problems, prior to the vacation, really were.”

But her main experience putting feet on African ground again was a feeling of being home. “Being away for so long, made me forget there was a world outside Denmark, I would actually feel closer to in some ways. Africa gave my stay in Europe a new meaning. It strengthened my wish to come back to Denmark and better myself for the sake of my country. To be one of the people who gives my country a good name.”

Since childhood, Dolly has dreamed of becoming a medical doctor, and helping those in need. Today it is still the dream she is pursuing. Taking photos and modelling was a good experience, but she is keeping her main focus on studying medicine. “I have been raised to believe in fighting for what I want in life, and that’s exactly what I intend to do, fight!”

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Important notice regarding the models on this site:
Please note that Crawfurd.dk is NOT a dating site. There seem to be a prejudice among some people that a black girl is "available" when she is posing for pictures. This is a serious misunderstanding! Most of the models featured here are married and they did not have their pictures taken because they are looking for a boyfriend. Respect the models privacy and integrity. Do not write to ask for their contacts. Do not copy the images, post them to other sites or try to use them for scams on net. The aim of the photos on this site is to promote a general concept of African/black beauty -not to disgrace or disrespect people of any race or gender.



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