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Buy CDs, DVDs, posters, videos and books through this site

In association with Amazon the Crawfurd Homepage offers an easy way to buy books, CDs and videos. On some pages you will find links to online-ordering from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. Follow the links for additional information, pricing, read reviews and listen to music samples. By using this site as a starting point for your shopping, you are supporting the future of the Crawfurd Homepage and there are no extra charges.

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Amazon.com is the world's leading online store based in the United States. Take a look at these pages to see how it works:

In Association with Amazon.com


European customers will probably prefer using the British store Amazon.co.uk. Take a look at the links below if you want more information.

In Association with Amazon.co.uk

Important note on buying video and DVD

In general you should buy videos and DVDs through Amazon.com if you live in United States or Canada. Otherwise Amazon.co.uk will probably be the best choice. But you should be aware of the following information:

VHS video and TV system

When ordering videos, remember to order a video suitable for your TV-system - PAL or NTSC depending on your country. The PAL-system is the most common international standard while NTSC is used in United States and Canada.

DVD and region coding

DVDs can be coded to be used only in a specified region. When buying DVDs you should make sure that you are ordering a disc that can be used in your DVD-player. Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and Japan are region 2. United States and Canada are region 1. DVD releases in the remaining regions are pretty slow, but some DVD players are modified to play ALL regions.




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