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This FAQ will hopefully answer the questions you might have about using Crawfurd.dk

General information

  1. What is this website about?
  2. Who made this website?
  3. How do I contact the webmaster?
  4. I have found something wrong on a page. What should I do?
  5. How can I link to the Crawfurd Homepage?
  6. How do I send a page to a friend?
  7. How do I send a postcard/greeting card to a friend?

Navigating the Crawfurd Homepage

  1. How do I get around on this site?
  2. What is the structure of this site?
  3. How do I search this site?

Technical stuff

  1. What browsers is this site designed for?
  2. Reporting technical errors.

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General information

What is this website about?

Read about this site.

Who made this website?

The Crawfurd Homepage is designed, edited and maintained by Jacob Crawfurd. I am an almost normal guy living in Denmark. I work with webdesign, multimedia- and videoproduction among other things. This site is my playground/testsite for trying out new ideas. I also use the site as a gallery for my photographs and a base for my interest in African history and culture. See also my other site: the Pink Floyd HyperBase

How do I contact the webmaster?

You can send me an e-mail by using the form on the Contact page. Please allow a few days for me to answer. If you send a normal e-mail always supply a suitable subjectline. Don't send me attachments without prior arrangement. I receive a lot of spam and any strange looking e-mail goes directly in the trash. If you don't receive an answer, your mail has probably been deleted by error. Please, try again.

If it is not neccesary for me to answer your mail, then please consider adding your comment to the guestbook instead.

I have found something wrong on a page, what should I do?

Please make sure your information is correct and then write me from the contact form. Please remember to write the sources for the information you send.

If you experience technical errors on this site I would also be happy to know. Use the contact form.

Can I link to the Crawfurd Homepage?

Any link to my site is very appreciated. More instructions and graphical links here. I can not promise to link back to your site, but send me a link request and I will consider it. I am only linking to pages with similar content.

Important: You can link to any desired page on crawfurd.dk, but it is prohibited to link directly to imagefiles, vr-photos, videos, wallpapers or screensavers -or to download these files to your own server without permission.

How do I send a page to a friend?

If you know somebody who be interested in this site or a specific page on the site, you are very welcome to recommend the site. On the front page and several other pages you will find the text "send this page to a friend". Click on it and follow the instructions. You fill in your own name and the name of your friends. You can write an optional message. Your suggestion will be send as a normal e-mail. The e-mail addresses entered will not be used for any other purpose than sending this mail. After sending the suggestions you will be returned to the page you came from. Thanks for your help with spreading the word.

How do I send a postcard/greeting card to a friend?

The Crawfurd Homepage offers a free virtual postcard service. Some of my photos can be sent as a virtual postcard with your own message attached. Find a photo you like on one of the photo pages and click on the link that says: "Send this photo as a virtual postcard". Please note: it is not ALL photos that are available for the postcard service.

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Navigating the Crawfurd Homepage

How do I get around on this site?

Click on the section you want to explore in the menu in the top of every page. Each section (e.g. Photos) has numerous subpages, and each page has hyperlinks connecting it to more related information on this site. It should be possible navigating entirely through the hyperlinks.

The power of internet is hypertext links, and this site is full of them. The links are your chance to follow associations and learn more about the subjects hi-lighted. Some links will take you to another site on the Internet. That means you will be leaving the Crawfurd Homepage.

What is the structure of this site?

The sitemap is an outlined index of the entire site. Take a look at it if you are lost or want some kind of overview. The sitemap is accessible from the top of every page.

How do I search this site?

When you look for specific informatio you can search this site entering keywords. The search page is can be accessed from the top of every page. The search is powered by the very efficient search-engine from Google.com. You will only be searching pages on this site.

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Technical stuff

What browsers are this site designed for?

The Crawfurd Homepage has been designed to be viewed in any browser. The coding is validated XHTML 1.0 and the stylesheets are validated CSS2. The standards are defined by The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Some functions (search, slideshows etc.) requires javascript (Active Scripting) which is supported by nearly all newer browsers.

The visual appearance of the site will be optimal with a JavaScript and stylesheet enabled browser. The best integration of these techniques are usually in the newest browsers. It is free to download the newest version of Internet Explorer or Netscape.

Valid XHTML 1.0!   Valid CSS!

Reporting technical errors

If you should experience technical problems with this site I would like to know about it. Please describe what happens and remember to tell me about your setup: OS, browser and version. Find out what version you are using by selecting 'About...' in the help menu of your browser. Use the contact form.




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