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Heidi Olsen, 4652 Hårlev 20-06-2008 20:47:09

Hej Jacob,
Skønne billeder af ACC i Tivoli 2005, dem har jeg ikke set før...Hvorfor?
Husk at Mwamba Uganda Children's Choir kommer til Haarlevhallen, Industrivej 39, 4652 Hårlev d. 18/8-2008. Billetter kan bestilles på +45 2233 2212
MVH Heid Olsen
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Daniel Augusta, Sweden 05-06-2008 21:49:58

I have never before written any comment on any website but now I do the big exception. This website and the personality of Jacob has given me so much enthusiasm, joy and energy. It is easy to navigate, find information. The photos are professional - it is just unbelievable. Every journalist, reporter, photographer should see this webpage before he/she starts to write about Africa. This is the right news coverage; this is the true Africa and rich African people we never see on world media.
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Bennett Kankuzi, Blantyre, Malawi 17-04-2008 14:54:24

Thanks so much for your website which tries to counter some of the stereotypes about Afrika. For sure I am amazed!Keep on with the good work!Cheers!Bennett in Malawi
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Jessica F., Fulton,MO (U.S.A.) 15-04-2008 06:17:58

Alright, I didn't have time to go through the whole website but I can sense a great interest for Africa. Can I have your contact?I'm myself a young Cameroonian woman living studying in the U.S.A. I love to connect with ppl who have an interest for my continent, Africans or Non-Africans.
Hope to hear from you soon!
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Mel, DK 09-04-2008 18:41:17

Hey, Does anybody know an affordable salon in Copenhagen that deals with ethnic Black hair. I am Dominincan and would like to find a place to get my hair down where they won't mess it up.Hej Hej
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Webmaster comment:

I can recommend these two African salons in Copenhagen www.barikisu.com and www.nyah-beauty.com

Ebony Bourdain 08-04-2008 21:01:31

You rock, Jacob.
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Joyce Dede Brown, South Carolina 08-02-2008 18:00:23

I feel honored to have found this site because it gives a positive out look of what African really it is not just starvation and a poverty stricken Continent. I am proud to be an African.
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Rhonda Hodgetts, Ballarat, Australia 30-01-2008 03:07:12

A search for photos of Kenya and the Rift Valley led me to your site. What a pleasure to look at your photos. Just lovely, and then I went on to Paris (my favourite place on the planet other than home). Thank you for making them available to others. I did read your profile (to the bottom) and was not bored stiff. Keep on doing what you are doing, it certainly brought pleasure to this Australian. Rhonda
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Debi, Broomfield, Colorado 19-01-2008 23:36:27

Your photos of the Springtime flowers are great! Thanks for the chance to send them as "virtual postcards" to a few friends & family. Needed a Springtime pick-me-up out of the Winter time. Your photos were terrific, thanks for sharing them, Debi
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Linda W., U.S (By way of Yaunde) 16-01-2008 07:46:29

I just wanted to commend you again for having such a positive and professional website! I will tell my friends about it. Many of them return "home" or plan to visit/study abroad in different parts of Sub-Saharan Africa soon. It's funny because your website offers more information and a more realistic view of the countries than some study abroad catalog's do!
Anyways, I hope you get this, as well as the message I sent.Thanks for putting a smile on my face and making me proud to be African! I wish you the best in 2008. Can't wait to see new things on the site:0)
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akua, Atlanta ,USA 13-01-2008 23:55:00

I really love this site, it felt so good looking at all the pics of Ghana , and I have learn a lot about Ghana that I did not know,keep it up
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Nojang Carine, Cameroon 12-01-2008 13:16:42

Hey i really like this site. It helps me to study alot. It is very interesting. I don't know if u guys can be adding questions so when we read we can try to answer the questions to see if we have really understood.
thanks for understanding
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Carlos Laux Guillen, Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil 10-01-2008 13:41:24

Adorei suas fotos! O Brasil também possue grande influência da África devido aos seus "imigrantes" que, infelizmente, vieram ao país não por vontade própria, mas deixaram sua marca na cultura, nos costumes, na linguagem, na composição étnica, pricipalmente em Salvador, Bahia.
Como posso ter algumas cópias digitalizadas suas? Você já veio alguma vez ao Brasil? Sabia que é o lugar com o maior contingente africano fora do continente mãe? Será sempre bem-vindo.
Até breve,
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Pierre Dørge, copenhavn 18-12-2007 09:56:37

Hej JakobDet var hyggeligt at snakke med dig hos ambassadøren i går.fantastisk flot arbejde du gør med den hjemmeside.Vi ses der ud af !de bedste hilsenerPierre
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Henrik Schumacher, Copenhagen 13-10-2007 15:34:34

Hej Jakob,
jeg skulle bare lige finde et kort over Afrika og så faldt jeg over din spænnende hjemmeside. Har du nogensinde hørt om "De Berejstes Klub"? Måske var det noget for dig; du kan se mere på berejst.dk eller måske har du lyst til at fortælle lidt om dine rejser -eller få lidt inspiration-på vores Cafe i Turesengade, hvor der er gratis foredrag flere gange om ugen; se mere på cafegloben.dk
Hilsen Henrik
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Miss Muwanga, Denmark 05-10-2007 14:09:32

Hi Jay!
Hope u are doing fine.Nice pictures of Sub-Saharan fashion show.Keep up good work.
Take care.
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teko, botswana 25-09-2007 22:44:56

great work but i'm dissapointed not seeing a 1 picture from Botswana, you dont know what you are missing buddy.. go there!!!!!!!!!
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Webmaster comment:

Yes, I had a feeling I am missing something in Botswana. Wish I could be all over or at least reach Botswana some day :-)

Shari Izzo, Florida 24-09-2007 14:40:15

Thanks for a job well done. I enjoyed the pictures. It's always interesting to see how other people live. It's always a learning experience for me. I love the pictures of the animals. Enjoy yourself
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Corinne Sansom, Texas 14-09-2007 07:36:54

I have a friend visiting Ghana. Your site made it possible for me learn more about the country he is visiting. Your presentation is well done and very informative. Thank you for sharing your insight into this beautiful country.
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j, ca 12-09-2007 12:39:47

Thanks so much for making this web site with pictures of places that I would love to go to but probably will not be able tol. You unlike other places get to the real people. Do you have any pictures of Ethiopia?
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks. I haven't (yet) had the chance to visit Ethiopia. And by the way... happy new year to the Ethiopians and Eritreans :-)

felix ntube (fefe), Ferrara,ITALY 20-08-2007 12:41:30

Hi Crawfurd,more than compliments for your site.I\\\'ve been frequenting related sites but yours left an impact in me; Very rewarding site and a continuos reference,keep it up!
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Bonnie, Wyoming, USA 19-08-2007 01:48:03

Great site - loved the pictures of Cameroons. We have a wonderful friend here in Wyoming who is a graduate student from Yaounde, so I wanted to see how the country looked. Thanks again.
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Alpha, Lund 01-08-2007 17:29:36

Kazi nzuri, nimefurahi sana kuona mtu anayeipenda Africa toka moyoni.
Welcome to the land of Love!!!!
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Efua, USA 01-08-2007 03:44:08

Hello Jacob C.,Compliments on your photographs (I saw the ones taken in Ghana). It all started when I searched for lighthouses in Ghana... I love lighthouses. The U.S. has many. I wondered about what was in Ghana, born and raised in the U.S. I was curious. Anyway, there was a link to see a picture of one posted by you. After seeing lighthouse in Sekondi and went on to see the other pictures.... Though I was ready to stop clicking after the umpteenth time, curiosity to see what I'd never seen (as of yet, I haven't been to the north of Ghana and many other areas)kept me clicking.Your pictures were interesting because you observed everything from monuments to scenery to people and their way of life. There was no fixed stereotype like: The people are poor and hungry and so on. There was the full spectrum.So, in the end I was interested in finding out who the open-minded photographer was.Hence your website.Compliments. EAH
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Jacques Nguemen, Belgium( Cameroonian) 13-06-2007 13:53:11

THanks very much young man for the wonderful joB you have done.
In looking very much in your work I found IT interesing for your europeans brothers and sisters who have been fooled for many centuries.
They think Africa is only monkeys everywhere and that Africans are civilized monkeys.
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks a lot for your comments. I am happy to hear you like it. Please remember that it is first of all the responsibility of Africans in diaspora and their embassies to teach Europeans about African culture! This can be through cross-cultural events and such. You have to make the information available and accessible :-) Best wishes

Lauretta Ozuanu, Nigeria 10-06-2007 14:17:17

Nigeria is blessed and we are very creative with our natural resources.
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Saille Mawson, Scotland 25-05-2007 23:19:38

I have just made a new friend whose father is from Cameroon and whose mother is French and realised I did not know much at all about this African country.. In the spirit of wanting to know more about his heritage , I found this site. Thankyou for your passion and for sharing it !Your photos gave me a visual taste and your time line was really helpful historically and culturally
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LISA GUENTER, CANADA 27-02-2007 19:13:08

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Wambura, Copenhagen 29-01-2007 10:00:34

Great works. I am impressed. I am a Kenyan living in Denmark and the saddest thing is,i am yet to meet any african/kenyan community here!! Could we maybe work hand in hand and form one?I am interested in going back to my roots and sharing the same with others. Be it in thoughts,memories,food,dance-etc. All in the name of unity.
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Jenet Agbor, Tiko, Cameroun 21-01-2007 16:38:48

Glad to get to this site today. What a lucky day. I'll want to come again, its interesting. So much from Africa.
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