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Jonathan M Katcher, USA 21-06-2009 18:46:32

please consider adding ***
"MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON" about an expedition to find the source of the Nile
released 1990
Director Bob Rafelson
Writer William Harrison
Patrick Bergin as Richard Francis Burton
Iain Glen as John Hanning Speke
to your list of Africa In Movies section.
Mountains of the Moon is a great movie and deserves to be listed in any good 'Africa movies' list.
Although not strictly historically accurate, wikipedia claims
"the original music was composed by Michael Small, who incorporated genuine traditional African music into a traditional orchestral palette."
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John Burman, Ireland (ex Rhodesia) 02-06-2009 09:08:05

I think your version of the history of Mozambique is biased (in my opinion), which is not surprising as it is the typical scandinavian viewpoint. You have to live in a country for some time to understand why some things happen the way they do. If you don't mind me saying this I remember scandinavians living in Africa married to Africans usually lasted about 5 years at the most, before "hotfooting" it back to Europe once the romantic fantasies had completely worn off. Different cultures have different values.
That is not a criticism just a fact. Also about your 100 top films, what about Tarkovsky's Zardoz and Ivan Rubliev.
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Ms.Esmat A Hassan, Egypt 31-05-2009 12:47:07

Hello Mr. Crawfurd...
This is Esmat from Egypt [Prof.Plant Biology]
But mainly an artist & a writer...
I thank you very much for the photos you put on your site to African Countries ...
In Egypt Scientists & mothers ...like me can`t afford traveling ...except for International Science Meetings which is partially funded by our institutes...
However ...As am planning for my art exhibition in 2010 Part of my paintings I choosed to be on African women...I got inspired from photos on your site .... * But there was nothing on Nigiria ...Which I want to focus in my exhibition as a complement for my friend who is a Nigirian lady...
Anyway your site is very very intersting . You may some day in future will add photos of people from Egypt to your site
Thank you
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jasmine 20-05-2009 16:16:55

Hi, im a junior in high school and in the past year we had some foriegn exchange students come in from all across the world come to our church and we took them downtown and places. and i met this really nice guy, his name was Josh and he was from Ghana Africa, so i looked on your website because i love your pictures. and josh described ghana so much differently then i had pictured and your pictures make me want to go there. i was wondering if you could tell me the places you went to so i can see about going there my senior in high school and possibly finding josh.:) if thats posible
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Dave Desormeaux, Belleville O.N. Canada 10-05-2009 10:31:56

The picture's of Tamale are wonderful I pray that I might go there one day.........Dave.
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Lawrence Taylor, Decatur, Georgia USA 28-04-2009 13:23:09

I Just love to pictures of Dolly she is a very beautiful african Goddess, I would like to see more pictures of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lanre Aminu, Lagos, Nigeria. 22-04-2009 14:20:04

I love your websire and the pictures are great, keep the good work. I have been to most of the places in your pictures about Cameroun and Ghana. When i tell people it like am lying to them. i will save your website and give anyone that want prove.Is Africa not peaceful?
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Dorothy, Nigeria 07-04-2009 14:34:03

Your Kilimanjaro pictures are breathtaking!
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Ali Adam, Cape Town 26-03-2009 15:27:48

Hi There,
Love your work.do you have any plans on visiting cape town soon?
maybe for the cape town fashion week?
i was one of the designers for african show in copenhagin
im from ghana living in cape town, my dream is to have a show in kingtampo at the waterfall stil busy with the sponsors will like to meet you in possonal
if you ever make turn in africa again.well done
Ali Adam
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Bernie Hackett 19-03-2009 22:22:13

Nice photos! My husband and I looked at all of them. We were in Ghana in 1999 and 2000 and then he went for a couple weeks in 2001. We first traveled all throughout from Accra to Kintampo and up into Nalerigu (way North), met the Chiefs in alot of tribes we visited. Hey, did you ever see "Haggs" Beauty Shoppe in Accra. We never made it to Mole however but did go to the canopy walk. We saw all sorts of stuff tourists dont see and met people too. A real treat! Thanks for sharing.
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks a lot, it is good to hear :-) New pics from the canopy walk and other places in Ghana will be posted to the site soon.

christel, alicante-spain 15-03-2009 02:53:45

i'm cameroonian,and i want to say thank you for all the pictures about my country and other countries of africa,the website and all the comments.
lot of poeple are afraid to travel in africa thinking that africa is only war and poverty and for other,is just a good place to have a fun.
thank you to give more informations about africa and i'm always happy to see a positive websites about africa.not only because i'm african,but because is an important continent in the world at level of population,resources,and have an important impact in a future of our planet.
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Vaima Shamar, Nairobi 09-03-2009 19:55:33

Very good site, but n a typical Scandinavian fashion a lot of hogwash about the impact of European presence before and during the colonial period. The bottom line is this: without the European influence and realisations most of Africa would still be in the stone age. Period.
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks for contributing to the "hogwash". Your point of view seem to be from the stone age. Period.

Rick Kwitkoski, BC, Canada 04-03-2009 07:15:38

Thanks for your photos of Cameroon, Jacob. I lived and taught high school in Nigeria from Aug 1981 to July 1983. During April of 1982 I did a motorbike trek from Nigeria to Cameroon all the way to Kribi and back. I have been writing my travel memoirs of those few weeks and loved your images of Cameroon. They helped me to remember some incidents of that trip.
Rick Kwitkoski
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Becky, UK 09-02-2009 16:08:34

hey, i'm looking into booking to go to africa for the 1st time and by myself, i've never travelled before so am trying to gain all the info i can! I'll be going for a couple of weeks in Aug and just wanted to say thank you! Your page has been so helpful! Thanks again
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Diana Manjate, Mozambique 16-01-2009 14:02:22

i am so glad know that u Jacob making good things to promote Africa also help people to change they mind about africa coz they just think that in africa we dont have water,food,a lot of diseases . Thank You
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M G Clarke, UK 09-01-2009 15:37:24

May I suggest that you read Tim Jeal's new biography of H M Stanley and perhaps re-appraise your comments on this great explorer.
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Courtnei Carol Caldwell , USA 24-11-2008 00:01:55

I reall y enjoy thid siter it really helps me in school because I have a country report due and our country is SUDAN. Because the school that I go to is a "Afrikan Centered Education Collegium Campus".
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Janice, USA, Georgia 22-11-2008 15:21:44

Grateful. Appreciative. Fascinated. Such beauty!Soon I hope to have my own experiences in some of these places with these beautiful people.Again, my brother, thank you.
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Patty Howard, Lebanon. Virginia 24266 United States 19-10-2008 23:20:30

was just looking at the website to see where cameroon was located and looking at beauitful country. thank you
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semone, Jamaica/North Carolina 29-09-2008 23:44:56

Hi jacob
My name is Semone i really like your picture you had taken in Ghana COOL! They are really cool photographers takes looks really good
Semone Lewis
Jamaica man
NOrth Carolina homes
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ZN, UK 15-09-2008 20:34:20

Hiya! Wicked! as we say in London. This might jugg your memory if you have answered an email from someone requesting permission to use some of your pictures for their geography mini project. I am the mum and I do say! lovely pictures of my country Cameroon. I envy you for having seen such lovely places in my own country, which I have never seen. Some I have like LIMBE where I Live, well my mum still does. The pictures your grandpa took were excellent. I hope to her from you soon granting "permission of use of pics for my daughter's project" which is due this wed 17/09/2008.
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nuno, Aalborg - Denmark 14-09-2008 17:53:53

Hej Jacob,
hvilket linse brugte du til til moussa diallo koncert i aalborg? var det en 28-300 ?
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Webmaster comment:

Jep, det var mest 28-300 der var i brug :-)

choudjaiddine, comoren living in france 11-09-2008 01:24:27

i like the music of Chameleone - Uganda's number 1 pop star ; i should like to get this music very nice and video of this star.
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Jacqueline, Houston 09-09-2008 09:21:57

Hi Jacob,
My name is Jacqueine and I just wanted to let you know that I am blown away with your photos taken in Ghana. WOW!!! They were breathtaking. I'm a photographer as well (mostly portrait & weddings) but looking at your photos was like looking through my own lens. I have a fascination for Africa and I will be visiting Accra, Ghana for the first time in November this year. Thank you so much for sharing you work. I didn't look at the other photos, but since you have so much, I will take my time and go through it all. Great Job!!!
Jacque in Houston, Texas
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pk, usa 31-08-2008 17:33:16

Please can you also make an effort to show pictures of the Ghana that portray the brighter side of Ghana. It seems that most of the pictures just display only the hopelessness in ghana. Since yo have decided to show the poverty of Ghana, it is incumbent upon you to show the progressive part of Ghana like the business, the nice residential areas and so fourth. Poeple need to see the progress in Ghana to encourage them to invest in the society. Ghana can not be delivered by only hand out aids, rather it is needs businesses and companies to invest there. When investors and businesses see only the negative part of the country, it deters them from investing in the country, rather the result in giving one time aid which does not help country " long term". So please potray the hope and progress that is taking place in Ghana too thanks
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Webmaster comment:

I agree in your well-wishing for Ghana. However it sounds like you haven't looked at my pictures for more than a brief moment before making your judgement. I don't think any of my photos are describing "hopelessness in Ghana" unless you choose to see it. People living in rural areas are not necessarily unhappy or depending on aid as you seem to suggest. None of the people on my photos are asking for anything. Did you notice a young innovative businessman and the kids graduating from a private school?

Please note that I am not a commercial photographer trying to make a tourist brochure or selling residential houses and boring bank buildings. I trust that my audience knows that there is more to Ghana than what I can show in 108 photos anyway. As I have also stated on my page: "The images are not an attempt to give a full portrait of the country and it's people".

Yolanda, Cincinnati,United States 19-08-2008 21:01:41

I really like your site. I'm writing a fiction book on Nefretiti and so I try to get as much real info as I can. I have booked passage to Egypt for May of 2009. By the way I am an African American female, former industry makeup artist for film and television (also have my own line that's been featured in major stores here), consider your site bookmarked. LOve your pictures!
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Gennykun, Boston 16-08-2008 16:56:08

Djun-djun player and Malian/Guinean-trained dancer. Coming to Copenhagen for a few days and would like to see if there are any classes, people who are into dance/drum. Will be there aug 23-27.
thanks for any info.
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Shaun 07-08-2008 13:33:54

Your criticisms of Henry Morton Stanley are a little strong. With history, you must be able to put yourself in his place, in context, in the age. I have read Stanley's books and noted his concerns for natives which is in contrast to some of the accusations thrown at him. Sure, he shot natives, but only when he was being attacked.
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Webmaster comment:

Only when he was attacked ;-) But I guess the attackers didn't carry guns and why do you think he was attacked in the first place? Because he came with peace and good intentions? :-) Anyway, thanks for your comment. It is appreciated, but from the sources I have read, I am not a fan of Mr. Stanley. In my opinion the time/age can not be used as excuse -ever! Of course we have learned since then, but also in Stanley's time there existed people who were aware of basic human rights and against a violent colonisation of Africa. He was driven by pure greed as I see it and he did great harm to Africa.

S. Dawn, NYC 23-07-2008 03:31:38

Great site-- well done. I'm an African American female who somehow got on Danish films (thanks to Netflix) :-)... Suddenly I'm totally fixated on visiting Denmark and exploring Danish culture as well as it's African community. I have lots of awesome African acquaintances and have had the opportunity to travel to Senegal myself.
I'm so glad to have found your site-- keep up the great work! *bookmark added!*
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munira, England 27-06-2008 15:56:10

well done mate i feel like i have been to Ghana and visited the north which is home to me and winneba where i schooled i feel home sick bless you mate well done
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