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Shirati, M.S, Tanzania, East Africa 05-07-2005 17:04:07

Crawfurd,really you are wonderful!!The website looks nice and very interesting.I am a youth counselor in my country with love to art, dance,and sculptures t.We have Sukuma Dancers around here who have done shows in London UK as well as in Dallas,TX, USA under my guidance.May be we can contact each other and see if we can intertain Scandnavian cities!what do you think??
Keep it up
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Webmaster comment:

Hello and thanks. I am always happy to see African artists here in Copenhagen. But please note that I am only a photographer and webmaster doing what I can to promote African culture. I am not representingan organisation and can't be a help in arranging african music and dance events.

Che Celestin Muyembo, Bamenda-Cameroon 05-07-2005 15:41:11

I am very glad to see these pictures. It made me think and reflect to where I come from. These pictures are one of a kind. Thanks for the memories, thanks for all. I felt a very deep connection between the pictures and me. I would have been more happier if you had more pictures from different areas Like Bamenda or the North West of Cameroon as a whole nevertheless THANKS!!!!!!
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks. I also regret not visiting Bamenda and more places in Cameroon. But I am sure you can understand my time was limited. I hope to back sometime though - and I can assure you I wil bring my camera ...and try to make even better pictures.

BOOKER, USA 22-06-2005 08:07:53

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Webmaster comment:

Could it be The Ghost And the darkness you are thinking about?

Patricia, Austria 22-06-2005 07:42:52

I should shake your hand for this wonderful job, I am a Kenyan in Austria and i just bumped into the site and was really surprised. I read someones email and he is asking about some movie about lions devouring humans, i guess he is talking about the Ghosts and the Darkness, hope he is reading this. Some part of the movie was done in kenya, and if he needs some info i would be of great help, i as well have a website promoting African tradition and more. Good work Crawfurd!!!
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nkie forsac, united states 11-06-2005 17:18:39

It was such a pleasure seeing pictures of my beloved Cameroon. The webside is amazing and puts a different spin on the African image we usually are confronted with in the media. I just cannot wait to get to Cameroun this December. And thank you for the beautiful website
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ashok, Switzerland 11-06-2005 04:43:11

My daughter and I recently visited Kenya to meet old friends and travel on Safari to the beautiful parks there.

On one evening, I was re-introduced to the song "Malaika" which I remember from the time that I was a kid growing up in India. It was recorded in India at the time by an Indian singer called Usha Uthup.

I have been trying to get hold of the song (soft or hard copy) since then .. but seemingly can't seem to be successful. Perhaps you can email me a copy? I am not a member of P2P file sharing groups and the file will only be used for my personal listening pleasure.

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Webmaster comment:

You can listen to the song here. There are plenty of recordings available. The most popular are probably by: Miriam Makeba and Angelique Kidjo.

Raymond Baguma, Uganda 05-06-2005 14:50:06

I am a journalist from the Republic of Uganda. I have read and watched several reports on Africa in written stories, video and pictures.
But Crawfurd, thanks for giving the other side of the often told story on Africa - war, disease and the like.
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ELLEN PREST, canada 28-05-2005 11:10:53

A very wonderful and informative site.
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Alice, Kenya 26-05-2005 11:31:39

Hello Jacob! Conrtatulations once more on your interesting & informative site. Keep up the Spirit!

Kwaheri :>
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mike beehive, uk 23-05-2005 08:47:09

Nice use of graphics 8)
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Maryann, Kenya/somali/German 10-05-2005 23:05:35

Hey Jacob,
You are such a dear one.Thanks for all your NICE NICE work.Beautiful photos to your Model, especially for me and good words.You are one in a million. I say again GOD BLESS YOU: :P :>
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rabie jdira 06-05-2005 10:24:55

hi ca va moi jdira rabie
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prince ayodeji adedeji, nigeria 30-04-2005 12:55:44

i was very lucky to get to this site and it has definately help me out in finding a way to promotes nigerians arts and acts in denmark.keep up the good work and watch out for us,we are coming.
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Rowda 29-04-2005 06:01:22

hi there
i find your homepage facinating....wow...its beautiful to find out that there is someone out there who is so interested in such divise things....wow am speechless after spending time veiwing your site...
ps. i am a somali, from east africa. and i have similar perseption/feelings about africa too.
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Kweku Etsibah, Ghana 14-04-2005 03:46:40

Wow! This is great! I really do appreciate this exposure that is not that stereotypical in representation. A welcome break from the usual trend. The site is great and I hope people support it not only by visiting but by financially applauding the effort through purchases even if occasional. Keep it up Denmark? Was once in Kobenhavn and lived on Istegade and loved Tivoli- thanks Denmark, African cultures appreciate you.
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Tony Otoa Jr, Uganda 07-04-2005 20:15:22

This is a very amazing site.I cant believe what i see.I mean everything is a complete appreciation of our lovely continent that has been seen as a diseased and war torn,corrupt place.I apprecite the fact that you have brought out the beauty in Africa.They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,I wanna say that if any african saw this site,he or she would see the beauty.Peace and One love
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Sally, England 03-04-2005 05:32:16

:) I stumbled across this page, so glad I did, it's very informative & I share your views. The photo's are amazing, keep em coming. Well Done & Thanks to you and Arfica for your very intresting website.
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Abdoul -ramene I Sahami, Benin 27-03-2005 09:24:14

I am happy to see that african fashion is getting recognition world wide and i hope the limit will be space, keep it the spirit alive.
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Christine Cressie-Isom, United States 27-03-2005 00:37:08

I richly enjoyed seeing Pictures of Cameroon...I have a dear friend who is native...I look forward to seeing this country for myself .

Thank you for having me as your guest!
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lise murage, paris 24-03-2005 21:53:55

hi am glad 2have found ur site am making the same for kenyans in paris & ur site gave me so much inspirations be writing to u oftenly bye keep the kenyan spirit everywhere
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Judey Ogallo, Nairobi, Kenya 24-03-2005 12:44:04

Hi, I have read your website and you are very objective about Africa. Good to know that there are people who look beyond war & disease for africa and know how brilliant it is to live in the continent of love & nature. Thank you
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wiz, US 22-03-2005 01:56:51

jacob sorry for not being in touch, a lot happens every day.. :P I just saw what you have done for Cynthia.. man Iam so proud of you.. I have an assignment for my fundamental of public speeking class.. Guess what!! I have so much to talk about ..after browsing on your website I am just filled with great ideas...
take care and keep it up..
peace out..
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Larone Fawkes, Freeport, Bahamas 21-03-2005 07:06:08

What an absolute joy finding this site. The beauty of your models is just smiply awesome, they make the world a more beautiful place, this will become my favorite sight am sure. I bought the book black ladies years ago and this site represents the spirit of that book, your work and your site are just great and refreshing. I Love it.
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Linda, USA 18-03-2005 02:06:56

Just took a look at images of Cameroon, where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer oh-so-long ago. I enjoyed showing my husband the beautiful pictures of Limbe, where I lived for a couple of years. Thank you for posting these wonderful memories.
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T. Gaston, Denmark 13-03-2005 07:38:50

Hej Jacob.
Jeg ledte efter billeder af mine forfædres hjemegn omkring Douala, Limbe og Kribi, og blev meget overrasket over at et af de mest ressourcefulde steder på nettet om netop dette sted, var lavet af en dansk fyr som bor kun nogle få minuters gang fra hvor jeg sidder lige nu. Flot og meget informativt photoalbum, Tak for det!
Din formidling af Afrika er fed - ikke kun fordi det er en sjældenhed at finde noget om Afrika som ikke ivirkeligheden bare drejer sig om at indsamle af penge til missionærabejde. Fedt at anmelde afrikanske spille film - det har jeg aldrig set nogen gøre før.

Jeg er selv new media designer og historiefortæller og kunne godt forestille mig et fremtidigt samarbejde med dig. Jeg er igang med at bygge et site om bassa folkets tros-system - hold øje med det!
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Michael G Spafford, London, UK 13-03-2005 07:38:24

Great web site
I actually shoot generally the same subject matter as yourself: Travel & People with a special focus on Africa
If you visit London please let me know and I will arrange some African models at my Studio

Great work. Go well
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Caroline, Germany 08-03-2005 23:00:00

Hi fellow kenyans,
I am currently studying in Germany and was considering coming to Denmark for my masters. The university i was going too told me that tuition is free, but ive gotta provide other expenses by myself. If you are studying or alrady studied in Denmark and know of how students meet their living expenses while there or of any stipend-providing organisations, please holla at me soon. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Caroline Francis, England 02-03-2005 00:00:00

I hope to go to Cameroon in March for the first time and am very apprehensive. Please send me some advise on do's and dont's.
A very impressive and informative site.
Thank you so much for sharing.
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Webmaster comment:

Sorry, but I am too busy to give individual travel tips :-(
Take a look here for a few tips for first time Africa-visitors

a.c., usa 28-02-2005 00:00:00

keep up the good work

pier fernandes-köhler, germany 23-02-2005 00:00:00

your photos made me feel very home sick for Kenya and Tanzania where can I get a copy of "low tide"?
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Webmaster comment:

Currently, you can't buy Low Tide -but I hope to have a DVD available later this year.



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