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Frank Hurtte, USA 15-12-2005 01:28:02

Thanks so much for providing such user friendly information on African Culture..
Frank Hurtte
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Dangwa, Cameroon (Buea) 06-12-2005 18:32:00

I love the initiative taken to come out with this site and the pictures taken in Cameroon, i'm a Cameroonian but has not seen some of the parts in Cameroon if not of this site. :D :+
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Anonymous, Canada 04-12-2005 07:14:15

I really love all the African girls' photos. My favourite one is definitely Dolly's. She is a natural black beauty. people say that about me but I think she is better looking!

Jacob, please visit Kenya too you will find more girls that look like Dolly and I am sure they would die to be on your website!
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Paul Metcalfe, UK 01-12-2005 14:25:03

Thanks for this website. I'm planning a trip round Africa and I've found this site really informative. Keep up the good work!
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pitso, U.S.A 18-11-2005 19:24:31

I have been a fan of Uwe Ommer,the fotographer, for some time and It was through his site that i came across yours.Boy, am i glad i did.Your site is excellent,informative,exciting, and visually exhilarating.I am from South Africa and i had been looking for the Ipi Intombi video for some time and i finally found it on your site.Thanks man and keep up the good work.Pitso
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Graham, Ghana 09-11-2005 16:01:42

Well,myself as a Ghanaian
I think you've got the perfect pixs to show the world ...where did you live in Ghana? I suppose you show that place as well...bye
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Eva, Sweden 08-11-2005 08:31:23

Great site! I have been to Africa several times and I love it. Some weeks ago I visited an african nightclub in Copenhagen for the first time and it was great. I fond the club on this site!

Regards Eva.
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Cris, USA 07-11-2005 14:36:43

Very good site! I like it! I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site..Thanks!
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John Josiah, 42 1st i hogbe street off wire roab,b/c ,nigeria 04-11-2005 15:18:19

I want to know the person that is bulding the website because its very good,also i want the copy of the book.
Thank you all.
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JOEL, Nigeria 04-11-2005 01:16:52

Your site is off the chain, I love the mama Africa Portrait, it symbolise the true gesture of an African woman, big up men!
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MWEBAZE GILBERT, UGANDA 31-10-2005 10:11:19

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bukola olagundoye, Nigeria 27-10-2005 14:09:43

I really love this website...
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Zulfiar Ali, Nigeria 20-10-2005 08:43:16

Its really a wonderfull website. It gave a true vertual tour of Cameroon. I thnak to the developers and operators of this website for providing and sharing a enought source of pictures and other materials to us.


Zulfiqar Ali,
A Volunteer in Nigeria
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Adam, Poland 19-10-2005 16:18:14

:) this is a great website that included a lot of beautiful african photos. I'm glad that you give me an opportunity to learn something new about this culture because I'm really interested in that. I'd like to get there but it's impossible right know. I'll see maybe in the future
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Ann, USA 18-10-2005 23:37:28

Hi there, well I found your site after I started chatting online with a wonderful man that lives in Douala, and I wanted to see and learn more about were he lived and what his life was like there,,and like you I have not only fall in love with Africa, but with this man, and we are working to bring him here to the U.S. I so wanted to go there,,and it still may work that way we shall see. So Thank You for your love of his country and all the beautiful pictures and information.
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Fætter Thomas, DK 18-10-2005 12:57:22

Flotte billeder. Jeg er specielt fascineret af det med kvinden ved symaskinen. Det er da helt utrolig godt skudt og belyst.
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Tina V, USA 14-10-2005 23:47:24

I enjoyed your photos very much.
You are living the life a had only dreamed of. Keep taking such wonderful photos. Not sure if you have a book but if you do, let me know. If not, well what are you waiting for!
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Donald S. Davis, California, US 30-09-2005 07:12:05

I truly enjoy your website. I have spent many of hours on your site enjoying the photos stories and over all input. I am looking to arrange my life to include a whole more living and less working. Your site makes me dream. I am African American and have spent most of my time traveling throughout Central and South America, Cuba and most of Europe. Never made it to Africa as of yet. I will be using your site to help me navigate my first trip and Itinerary. I will continue to visit your sites to keep me informed and once again thanks and thanks again.
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Tina Norgard, DK 25-09-2005 09:17:47

Hej Jakob - hvem er du, og hvorfor har du en website med al den gode information?
Mvh Tina
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Dennis Besong, New York, USA 25-09-2005 09:16:31

What's good!
A friend showed me this page and it is unbelievable how much knowledge I have grasped from this page. You have really great info about the motherland and what beauty it holds. What I enjoyed best was the model gallery. I knew African shorties had it bad but I guess I underestimated them. That model, June, was the real deal. She was great in her photos and I really hope I see more pictures of her and the other girls on more magazines and t.v. shows What's up June? Holla at a brother! You go girl! Do your thing, Jacob.way to go bro.
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Plato, Nigeria 20-09-2005 06:54:20

Hi :s)
Nice to visit your lovely site, it reminds me those days in hotels, up station, big mankon, how is commercial avanue now ? Oh! what a nice place........I will be there again soon.....We keep Bamenda main market moving in those days.

Love :> greetings from
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Patricia, USA 16-09-2005 16:26:11

I love your website. I have been on alot of websites trying to find out information on Cameroon for my son(8 years old) whose father was born there and still has relatives there who know nothing about him. :( . If I may, anyone who may know of the Mbi family in Cameroon please e-mail me: userl9417@yahoo.com Thank you so much.
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nellie, philippines 09-09-2005 16:20:07

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dave reedy, u.s.a. 25-08-2005 00:46:16

of all the books and dictionaries i've been able to check yours has come the closest to idenitfing for me the origin of the word africa. As far as i could
determine, the name was of a latin origin. I can see were the greek useage would apply, esp if Alexander's troops explored west to carthage, as they must have done as the empire was ever expanding uder Alexander's occupation of the lands he subjegated through the Ancient Near East. If you have any detailed information on source of the first use by the greek as the romans, please include any information you know of, books, journals, etc.

thanks dave
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Stanley Lozowski, USA 15-08-2005 19:53:21

This is a great list of films! Makes me want to watch the ones I haven't seen and rewatch the ones I do remember well.
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biekman, mavis g., The Netherlands 13-08-2005 10:07:58

Hi mr. crawfurd,
Good afternoon. the site is fantastic. Thank for the information and for the information about the african family in danmark. I am also an Afrikan, but a desecdant from the enslaved Afrikans brought to the Caribbean and South America by the Dutch. I am involved with an Afrikan Organization, and in Octobre we will have a Conference in Berlin. Is it at your convenience please to send me some addresses from Afrikans living in Scandinavia. Thank you very much. I am looking forward to hear from you.
Kind Regards
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Webmaster comment:

I do not give away addresses or e-mails, but please send me a little more information about the conference and your organisation. What is it all about?


Crawfurd u are the best among the rest, because of the african culture u are promoting, u are doing a great work, nice of u, keep it up, GOD bless u aboundantly. :P :))
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Taiwo, Nigeria 27-07-2005 16:34:54

I have not seen anything like this anywhere,a motivator you re and its so wonderful..Hmmmm you are so wonderful! keep it real brother..Dont change you thats in you that makes you,you..Much love..
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sharon, Denmark 18-07-2005 17:46:33

Jacob.. Jeg r en pige fra den der Jose Chameleon fest.. det er nogen fede billeder.. Men kan du ikke tage nogen flere ind for vi synes at der er for lidt pliz.. Men tak for de dejlig billeder.. K Hilsen Sharon Nalweyiso.. ;) 8) Pliz tag nogen flere billeder ind.
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Vernon Slender (J.Prohten), Germany 15-07-2005 09:43:10

I love to help the people, cause i like Cameroon.See you and hear from you soon.
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