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WL, Australia 07-07-2011 00:43:27

Came across your site and just wanted to say THANK YOU for acknowledging and accepting us as Africans with hope and respect. All too often, it is the 'dark continent' with a 'lost' people but little do people know that despite the poverty and afflictions, we are ALIVE!! Bless you!
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Okwaro, Eindhoven / The Netherlands 21-06-2011 01:55:18

I searching for a movie about a kabout okwaro? 2 people trying to get a baby and it only survive when they call it okwaro.. Pleaso contact me if you know what movie this is... Thank you!P.s i also searching for a movie. About a child with wound on he's chest and he put flowers in it.. It sounds crazy but please contact me thankss
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Andre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 20-06-2011 18:45:03

I just wanted to share a link to my site with everyone on here, which offers useful information about Ghana and Burkina Faso, and is updated regularly. I have lived in Africa with the local tribes for 10 years, and I also wanted to say what a beautiful the Crawfurd Homepage is.
the link to my site africantravel dot weebly dot com forward slash.
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Oscar Thorsen, Denmark 20-05-2011 00:12:53

Does anyone know if it's possible to volunteer for the American Peace Corps - in any way! - without being an American citizen?I have lived 9 months in Africa, visiting 6 different countries. I especially stayed in Ghana and Uganda - lovely!
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Antia, London 24-03-2011 12:05:03

Have you read "The Distruction Of Black Civiliazation" by Chancellor Williams. If not you should. Everyone should read this book.
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Trabu 05-03-2011 23:06:06

I lived in Bamenda, Cameroon for 2 years. Peace Corps. I need to find the son of Jonathan Mbunwe, an Evangelist.
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Selahetin , hjælp 16-02-2011 11:53:04

Kære Jacob,
Jeg drømer meget ofte en lile elefant som vil hjelper mig og elefanten kan lige mig meget, men den lille elefant er ikke så sterk så den få hjælp af en stor elefan, som er eltid sammen med.
Jeg har læst at i Afrika er nogen Rada Loa som hedder Adjinakou og er elefant god.Jeg kan ikke finder meget information om den Rada Loa, så kan du hjelper mig.De elefanter som jeg drømer årevis bor i Danmark i en bestemt stad.
Hjælp hvis du kan.
Venlig hilsen
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nelson, united states 20-12-2010 23:56:49

hi crawfurd, my name is nelson i was born in angola andi miss my country since then i been living in us for 20 years now.
i love the picture from angola in lubito.please i like to keep in touch with you if is possible or send me some news from africa tours pictures,movies,cd,etc. i will pay for those item.my email,thanx merry cristmas and happy new year.
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Abubakar "Allan" Ismail, Nairobi-Kenya 28-07-2010 13:41:16

Hi Crawfurd,My name is Abubakar and was part of the cast who did "Low Tide' sometime in 1998 in Mombasa Kenya. Your work is great bro and its good to find that Low tide still exist in your web page. I was requesting if you can send me a copy of the short movie please.
Thank you and be blessed
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Chembifon Muna, Yaounde-Cameroon 27-06-2010 19:34:14

I am a former womex delegate who will be coming to Denmark this year for the 2010 edition representing Motherland Entertainment . I meet with an artist from Denmark (Agami ) here last year and had a few talks with his manager "One world" and they briefed me on the presence of African events in denmark and i found your website to be a great site of information and networking...just could leave without droppin' a few words to congratulate you on a job well done...may be we will see in denmark when i come or when you decide to come to cameroon to take some pictures
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Thanks for the greeting. Some older pics from a trip to Cameroon is actually online here on the site. See you at Womex 2010 in Copenhagen, october :-)

Belinda, Mandurah Western Australia 21-06-2010 03:27:42

WOW! Very talented man!
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Ann Marie, Detroit Michigan 27-05-2010 17:49:07

I really enjoyed browsing thru the photos of Cameroon and Ghana, if time permitted I'd view the entire listing of photos. I have a yearning to travel there when conditions for me allow it. I feel like I just returned home. Great galleries. In my youth We often had exchange students from Africa in class, we learned we were very ignorant of the facts. Even today the news media only publishes illness, tragedy and pain...but we know better. Africa is beautiful, the people healthy, strong, resourceful, wise, creative and blessed.
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Anonymous 20-05-2010 22:29:28

You are mistaken regarding the 1700s being the beginning of the slave trade. The Gold Coast had slaves long before white man set foot on the Gold Coast. Not that white men did not have slaves before going to Africa, Some folks were enslaved to other folks since ancient times. Young boys, men, some castrated, women, young girls, blacks had slaves and whites had slaves. If I remember correctly slaves are mentioned in the Bible. The worst thing is that there are still places selling slaves! From what I read, it is most of the world and it is women and children in most cases.
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Webmaster comment:

You are right ...and unfortunately also that slavery still exists in some places. I can't see where it is I should have written that the slave trade started in the 1700s. I think the transatlantic slave trade started around mid-fifteenth century, but slavery in general obviously existed long time before this.

Miles, Douala, Cameroon 20-05-2010 17:54:52

i am so glad know that u Jacob making good things to promote Africa also help people to change they mind about africa coz they just think that in africa we dont have water,food,a lot of diseases. see cameroons situation Thank You
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jake shoran, Sudan 03-05-2010 11:53:45

You have painted a rather negaive picture of Stanley. Firstly, Dr Livingstone and Stanley did become firm friends after their meeting,communicating by mail until the former passed away. Stanley also maintained firm friends with Livingston's daughter whom he met at Westminister. He had contacted her at her father's request. Reference the relationship with Leopold, Stanley was not in the Congo when the atrocities were being conducted. An individual named Andrew Glave who was exploring the Congo at this time notified Stanley who immediately contacted Leopold about the situation and requested his assistance in putting a stop to it. There was much correspondence from Stanley to Leopold for many months on this subject and even Stanley paid a visit to him personally. it was at this time that Stanley realised what Leopold was up to and they never communicated again. Stanley also went to the British Governemnt seeking that they intervene and put a stop to teh atrocities. Andrew Galave also had his letters published in the British Media highlighting the crimes. You say Stanley murdered many people; where is the evidence? Yes he did kill local people; in defence, when they were being attacked. The dead included white officers and local guides in the employment of Stanley. In his last expedition to rescue Emin Pasha when he led his Advance Column to Lake Albert, officers of his Rear Column did horrible acts on some local people. Stanley was not present but was a few thousand Kms away. Stanley was furious when he heard what happened. You failed to mention anything of Stanley's upbringing, which in itself is an interesting time in his life. He may not have been perfect but he was no better or worse than similar people of his time, whether operating in Africa, America, India or America. Nor was he any worse than some of the dictators who have (mis)ruled Africa. Otherwise a good web site and I agre Africa is a fascinating place.
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lise gartmann 01-04-2010 16:39:40

Hej jacob
Kender dig jo ikke privat,men har været på din side og må sige at du tager nogle billeder, som sidder i en lang tid efter man har forladt din side..tak for kigget og ser frem til at der kommer nogle flere..Jeg er selv fotograf, men får mest undervist i det, end selv at tage nogel billeder, og så er der dem der bare ikke kan lade være, som dig :-))
Hilsen Lise
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Ellis, Shenyang, China 27-03-2010 07:09:36

I must commend your efforts at revealing the truth about Africa. Africa is truly the best, most beautiful, and most hospitable continent in the world. I wish that all the monkeys that disrespect Africa visit this site. Good job!
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delphi dinnoo, miami florida usa 26-03-2010 21:48:25

hey mr lens man ,i must say that i relly enjoy all that photo from africa ,its very intresting work ;great shots and nice work ,u have the eye for the photo and the love for it ,wish i can travel in that part of the world ,,but i also shoot press,,freelance .in the usa and the carribbean islands ,well thanks again 4 allowing me to see another part of the world through the lens ,delphi ,
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GABRIEL, nigeria 10-03-2010 10:55:11

thank you for doing a great job,pls i want to visit monbassa in kenya,sometimes soon,pls i need info about hotels accomation,travel cost,tourist attractions,the type of foods,cost of living and other relevant information.i will be expecting your reply.thanks
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Caroline 06-03-2010 11:20:11

Hej Jacob:-)
Super flotte billeder, jeg bli'r nysgerrig ang. hvilket kamera det er du bruger?Mvh. Caroline.
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Tak Caroline. Jeg bruger Canon. I øjeblikket 5D Mark2

Diana Tieman Nansamba, Netherlands 15-02-2010 17:46:08

Hello Mr Crawfurd,
Thanks very much for wonderfull work ur doing to promote Aficans and others of course. pls i have a daughter of 18 years and she really very beautifull and she wanted modeling and designing, pls is there any means u can help her? if yes what do i have to do? and what a the requarements? wainting for reply n thanks.
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Webmaster comment:

Thanks for your message and nice comments :-) However I can't really help. You will have to contact a model-agency in the Netherlands. Make sure it is a professional and serious agency.

Bree, Orlando, Fl 05-02-2010 12:34:47

I've added your site to my bookmarks. I so much enjoy viewing you photos and reliving my trips to many of the places you've photographed. Especially France, which I absolutely love. Thank you for your gift to all world travelers and those who enjoy visiting other countries via your photos.
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Lida, Bulyanhule Tanzania 21-01-2010 08:59:36

Born in SA, living in Tanzania for the past 2 years. Thank you for taking me with you on your journey through your photo's. I enjoyed every bit, specially the Cameroon...
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Ruth Burke, Newfoundland, Canada 20-01-2010 01:24:54

I am very impressed with your pictures. You have truly captured the essence of the individuals and countryside.
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Bjarne H. Skjold, Denmark 05-01-2010 12:46:10

What makes Mr. Jacob Crawfurd so special or one of kind is as I see it rather simple. He manages to get that split of a second witch is so important when it comes to stills… “Give the picture life you never forget”. As professional post production manager mainly in the professional music business I have no doubt in my mind when it comes to choose a professional photographer. Best regards… BHS Media Ltd (Denmark)
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Annsctacia 07-12-2009 19:43:57

Mama Njambi,
I have read about the Jamhuri day party,i would like to come,is it free food and entrance?
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mama njambi, dragør. dk 13-11-2009 09:13:24

hej Jacob, Thanks for your good work, and your surport. We are holding Jamhuri party on the 12th of december. At Rødemellemvej 7.2300 Kbh. we start at 6 pm. Delicious kenyan dishes will be serve.
Remember together we stand divided we fall.
mama njambi
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Cynthia Chugg, Prince Edward Island, Canada 06-11-2009 18:22:44

This year for Women's World Day of Prayer (which is now not exclusively for women) the theme is "Let everything that has breath praise God", and the feature place this year is Cameroon, Africa..As I was gaining knowledge on Cameroon...I discovered your site...You have 100 photos posted..Would you consider allowing them to be shown at our meeting this year? Around the world there will be meetings on March 5th, 2010...I am just in the early stages of planning our meeting in Stratford, Prince Edward Island. Canada...I will not write any more at this time until I have had a response back from you and further look into your site...Thank you for your time. Cynthia Chugg
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Maureen Smith , United Kingdom 31-10-2009 00:08:22

I've thoroughly enjoyed viewing your images of Ghana, which I shall be visiting some time in 2010.Maureen
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Dave Baldwin, Baltimore, MD 12-10-2009 17:49:13

Hey Jacob,
We are hosting the Mwamba Children's Choir. They are dear.
What's it like living in Copenhagen? I have visited there three times. I love it there.
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