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The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
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Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley
Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley
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African Ceremonies
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Scribbling the Cat: Travels With an African Soldier
Scribbling the Cat: Travels With an African Soldier
by Alexandra Fuller
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Roots recovered
Roots Recovered! the Guide for Tracing African-American and West Indian Roots Back to Africa
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Times Atlas of the World
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African Elegance
African Elegance
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Malick Sidibe
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JM Coetzee: Disgrace
'Disgrace' by South African Nobel price winner J.M. Coetzee
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This page is the overview of Africa content on this site. I am "hooked on Africa" and this is where I collect my own "hobby research" of photos, video, articles, links and other views on Africa. Please note this is a personal homepage: If nothing else is written, the text on this site reflects my personal opinion. Enjoy!

Africa minimap The second largest continent in the world has an exotic ring to many people, but Africa is much more than wildlife and breathtaking nature. More important: Africa is much more than the images of famine and war we often see in the international media. Africa is not one country with a uniform culture. Africa is very rich diversity on culture, traditions, languages, history and ideas. Africa has much to offer to those who are ready to listen.

Africa content on this site:




African history

African images


What is Africa?

A few thoughts to begin with...

  • Africa is the second largest continent in the world. The area of Africa can contain all of USA, China, India, New Zealand, Europe and a bit more. Around 748 million people live in Africa. That is only a bit more than live in Europe.
  • Africa is the cradle of human evolution. Contrary to what many believe, Africa has a history going much further back than the age of colonisation. Actually the African history goes further back than anywhere else in the world. Traces of humans in Eastern and Southern Africa are the oldest in the world. In 1988 scientific Mitochondria-research proved that every living human being origins from the same woman in Africa about 200.000 years ago! Let me repeat just to get it right once and for all: white man and EVERY other human being on planet earth originates from the African continent!
  • Africa is the cradle of civilisation. Africa has an old and rich cultural heritage including very old civilisations in Egypt and Nubia, the Great Zimbabwe, Ashante kingdoms, Dogon people and other ancient tribes. Culture, civilisation and large cities were in Africa before ANY kind of foreign influence. Africa had the first university in the world.
  • Africa had religions long before Christianity and Islam came to the continent. The original religions are in many aspects social and cultural arrangements. Some rituals are very gentle or even poetic, and far less "primitive" than the dominating world religions.
  • Africa and many of its people has suffered a lot through times and still does in some places. The African people are strong and proud.
  • Africa offers many of the most beautiful places in the world. Including an overwhelming biodiversity of nature and animal life.
  • Africa consists of more than 50 different countries, with more than 1,500 different languages (not counting dialects). There are just as many different cultures.
  • Africa is far more than famine, diseases and war. Africa is a resource, not "a problem". We in the West and North are very busy exporting our ideas to Africa. We often forget to listen and learn.

"Africa" – a great and problematic word

This site is generalising when using the word "Africa" all over the place. Thought I better explain some of my feelings about this word

the Africa pages on crawfurd.dk

The Africa section on the Crawfurd Homepage is regularly updated and extended. With these pages I would like to do my small part in opening the continent for a new kind of explorers: People who doesn't want to exploit, colonise or mission - but to dig into Africa for cross-cultural understanding, appreciation and respect. I hope my site will inspire you to read more, learn more, travel more and maybe most important: make new friends across borders. These pages have more than 2500 visitors every day and many has chosen to give me a great feedback. On a personal level this has given me new knowledge and new friendships.

I am aware that covering "Africa" is really a project far too ambitious for a personal website managed by a single individual. I will never be able to even touch all that I would like to -and I am not an expert or authority on the subject. But... hey! It's a start and several e-mails have convinced me that I share this passion and fascination with many others all over the world. I am also doing my best to keep the site updated with links to other relevant sites on the web.



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